Terms & conditions



Image Ordering

Users may purchase images from Stanton Library's Digital Image Collections, subject to these terms and conditions. Images are supplied in digital format only and are for single use only.

Stanton Library also reserves the right to refuse the supply of any images within its Collections.


Copyright Information

Reproduction permission is not supplied with your image purchase, and if you intend to publish or use images for any purpose other than personal research or study you must receive expressed written permission from the copyright holder/s.

Stanton Library will provide current information about the copyright holder/s of the images you wish to purchase prior to payment. By purchasing the images you accept full responsibility for requesting permission and clearances from the copyright holder/s, which may come at a cost.

It is your responsibility to be aware of and apply all current copyright legislation. Stanton Library is not responsible for any costs or claims for infringement of copyright for images supplied to you.

Some images are out of copyright and do not require reproduction permission. This information will be provided to you prior to payment.

All images used commercially, including those out of copyright, require a mandatory image credit of ‘image courtesy of Stanton Library collections'. It is also requested you lodge a copy of any publication in which the images appear with Stanton Library.


Image Fees

The processing fee is $30 per image for private use and $60 per image for commercial use. Further information on our fees and changes can be found here.

Payment can be processed with a credit or debit card over the telephone, or in person at Stanton Library. Whilst the order request is lodged through the Digital Image Collections, online payment is not available.

There is a 15 day turnaround for all image orders. A 100% surcharge may be applicable for orders requiring a 5 day turnaround.


Take Down Notice

If you believe any material in the Digital Image Collections infringes your rights, please submit a takedown request for our staff to review.


Please contact LocalHistory@northsydney.nsw.gov.au with any queries on these terms and conditions.